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Brake Services Available in Addison, Illinois

What’s that squealing sound when you are stopping?  What’s that grinding noise you hear when you come to a complete stop? Those are your brakes telling you that it is time to get them repaired! For same day brake repair service in Addison Illinois call us today: 630-628-8304

We provide the best brake repair services in and around Addison, Illinois.  When it comes to brakes we know what is best.  We will give you a multi-point inspection that will cover everything including; pads, discs, rotors, every part of the brake your car needs.

Brakes last, on average, for about 30,000-70,000 miles depending on a wide variety of variables. How hard you ride your brakes when you are stopping, what kind of pavement you are stopping on, which kind of brakes you get.  We can help you make your brakes last and teach you the best ways to get the most mileage out of them.

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Brakes Last As Long As Possible:



  1. Don’t Stop At High Speeds – the more times you are speeding and have to come to a complete stop from a higher speed the more you will wear out your brake pads.
  2. No Left Foot Driving –  You would be surprised at the amount of people that drive with their left foot on the brake always riding them.
  3. Coast As Much As Possible: If you have space in front of you let your car slow down before you know you are coming to a turn that way you are stopping yourself from braking at high speeds.
  4. Don’t Constantly Brake – Leave enough space from the car in front of you so that when one car slow down you don’t have to.  Stopping fast happens because cars ride other cars, most times the cars in the front brake for no reason causing everyone else behind them to slam on their brakes.
  5. Change Your Brake Fluid   – Brake fluid is not usually changed at an oil change services or other places and is often ignored.  However, changing your fluid periodically will make your brakes last longer.  Inquire about changing your brake fluid next brake you job you have to make sure it is time to get repaired.


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Additional Automotive Services in Addison, Illinois

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Oil Changes, change of automotive fluids and coolants, checking of belts, tires, and more. 

Brake Service

Brake fluid, brake pads, brake repair, and brake replacement service. 

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Emergency Service

Emergency automotive repairs and towing.





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