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Timing Belt Replacement in Addison

We provide the same expert craftsmanship and quality to all our services and timing belt replacement is no exception! Our highly trained mechanics can quickly and easily diagnose a faulty timing belt or timing chain. Please note, your vehicle’s owner’s manual should provide you an overall schedule of when you could expect to need to replace your timing belt. In today’s vehicles, most engine belts will need to be replaced between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. 

What is a Timing Belt or Timing Chain? 

The timing belt is a critical component of your vehicle’s engine, and yet few people think of them until there is a problem. The timing belt or timing chain is a part that fits in a very specific spot against your engine. Its function is to synchronize the movement of your engine’s crankshaft and camshaft. This ensures that the vehicle’s valves and pistons on the top and bottom of your engine are opening and closing in the proper rhythm or “time”. 

One main thing to keep in mind is that the overall condition of your engine and timing components will greatly influence the signs presented as the timing belt or chain wears out.


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Timing Belt Condition – Warning Signs

Common signs of a timing belt problem include:

  • Hard starts whether the engine is hot or cold
  • Engine misfires
  • Metal shavings found in engine oil
  • Large amounts of dark gray exhaust exiting the tailpipe
  • Poor idle that causes the entire car to shake
  • Frayed or split belt edges
  • Squeaky tensioner
  • Failure for engine to start

While we perform a timing belt replacement we also provide a multi-point inspection on your entire vehicle. This multi-point inspection will help identify if there are any other issues you should be made aware of.

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