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Same Day Wheel Alignments Near Roselle

Wheel Alignment Service Near Roselle.

Wheel Alignments are sometimes considered an unnecessary procedure when it comes to your car.  However, consider this:  When your wheels are not aligned they are essentially pointing in the wrong direction.  This will lead to some costly repairs down the road because it will mess up your suspension and steering.  Unaligned wheels will also wear down your tires much faster.  Wheel alignments in are available at our Addison Illinois Shop. Wheel Alignments are especially important because of the winter months in the area.  Trying to stop on snow and to navigate through the ice storms we are used to seeing with improperly aligned tires can contribute to your car failing you in the future and contribute to accidents.

Your wheels will increasingly become misaligned as time goes on. This is just normal car use from running over pot holes, or hitting a curb, or just normal wear and tear.  That is why it is often an over looked repair that people don’t think about when it comes to their automobile.  

Wheel alignment is basically adjusting the angles of the wheels to make sure that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The automotive technicians at Addison Auto Clinic are happy to perform a pre-alignment check for you at no charge with our state of the art Computerized Wheel Front End Alignment System. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for automotive coupons and maintenance advice!

5 ways to tell if Your Wheels are out of alignment

  1. Vehicle is Pulling to the Left Or Right:  When you take your hands off the wheel while driving do you notice your car swerving to the left or right?  This is the number one way to tell that your wheels are out of alignment.
  2. Faster Wear On Tires –  If you tires are wearing down faster than the normally should this is the second most common way to tell you need a wheel alignment.  Also, if you notice that your front tires and back tires have differentiating wear patterns and lengths this will let you know your wheels are out of alignment.
  3. Vibrations – If you notice your tires vibrating when you are driving this is a sign that your wheels are out of a alignment.
  4. Crooked Steering Wheel:  If you notice that you are holding your wheel at an angle in order to make the car go straight down the road then you are need of a wheel alignment.
  5. Squealing Tires –  Tires can squeal for a number of reasons so this is not always the best way to judge, however if you notice that your tires are squealing in conjunction with any of these other warning signs then it is time to get a wheel alignment job done.
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