Preparing your car for Winter

When it comes to changes in weather, there are different steps you take. For your car getting ready for winter is very important for lots of reasons. While inside your car in good conditions, there is little that can go wrong. However when winter rolls around your car needs extra care to make sure that it will not only start, but that if you run into problems on the road that you will be prepared. These simple steps towards winterizing your car will help keep you and your car safe this winter.

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Making sure that your car has been properly serviced is the biggest part of getting ready for winter. Oil changes, fluid checks, and brake and belt inspections will help you keep from running into a problem that could leave you stranded. While most modern oils can adapt to changes in weather (that is why you see oils like 10W-30) when oil is old it loses it’s ability to keep that rating. Oil breaks down with age and use causing it to not perform as good as it once did, and in the winter this can mean thickening and hindering performance. That is not the only fluid though. Anti-Freeze which helps cool your engine can become less effective with age as well, along with Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, and Transmission Fluid. Having these checked and replaced will make sure that your car is operating at peak efficiency this winter.

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Besides servicing your car, making sure that you’re ready to handle any situation that arises as well is important. Having jumper cables, blankets, emergency flashlight or glow sticks, and first aid kit are just some of the things that are important to have in your car in case something goes wrong. These things can not only help you, but if you come across someone else in need. If your car gets stuck, and not always by breaking down in the winter, being prepared can help keep you safe.

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Having the correct parts for your car can also help. While not everyone needs it, new tires can help keep your car in control this winter. As tires wear down they become smoother, which causes them to not grip the road or even snow as much as they use to. Deeper treads will help your car make it through the snow. Just as important is being able to see. New Winter Windshield Wipers will help by not only help by clearing your windshield, but winter wiper blades are also designed to keep ice out allowing them to function properly while summer blades might not flex like they should. Winter Windshield washer fluid can also help clear your windshield on those cold mornings, but an ice scraper is also good to start off with as ice can cause excessive damage to your wiper blades.

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The best way to start is with experts who know your car inside and out. AAC Auto Clinic can help you with all your winter car needs as well as your summer car needs. Schedule an appointment to bring your car in today and get ready for the first snowfall this winter!

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