Car Shops Elmhurst

When it comes to car repair, most people forget the most important thing, quality service. That means making sure that the repairs or service you bring your vehicle in for is done right the first time, but that you are taken care of and are happy as well. We achieve this with ongoing training for our technicians and make sure that we talk with our customers one on one to meet and exceed their expectations, all while providing our services at a competitive price. When you bring your car into AAC you can be sure that your foreign car or domestic car, we will fix it for you.

Oil Changes Elmhurst

The oil in your vehicle’s engine is important for peak performance. Over time the oil breaks down from heat in the car’s engine and pressure from being pumped around. Those two factors lead to the oil breaking down and becoming less effective at performing its job. This is why it is important to get the oil changed regularly and at the proper intervals. Follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations for when to get your oil changed.

Brakes Elmhurst

Another part of your car that you should have replaced regularly is the brake pads. Properly installed brakes can help protect you and help prevent accidents. New pads are not the only part of getting your brakes replaced. Making sure that the rotors or drums are also replaced or resurfaced is important as well. If you just replace the pads you could cause excessive wear on them from the uneven surface on your rotor or drum.

Car Service Elmhurst

Most people take the ability to get in a car and go where they need to for granted, and only realize how convenient it is when they no longer can do it. That is why when you bring your car into AAC we provide a Free Loaner Car or Free Shuttle Service. This will allow you to get on with your day while we fix your car. We use quality parts for all our repairs and make sure that our technicians have the knowledge needed to install them properly. We diagnose and trouble shoot the problems to ensure that the repair is done thoroughly and completely.  Honest, fast, and friendly automotive repair service is what you can expect when you come to AAC. We also have Free 90-day financing available so that you don’t have to stress over being able to pay to have your vehicle repaired and have extended warranties available to cover manufacturer defects and other unforeseen problems, just ask and we’ll provide all the details about them.

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