Oil Changes Lombard

Oil Changes Lombard, Illinois

Our oil change services will make sure that your car will run in the future. We not only inspect the oil and have several options for you to choose from but also look at the entire engine to let you know of upcoming services your vehicle might need in the future.

Oil Changes are necessary and come with owning a car in Lombard, Il. They also tend to be one of the least expensive regular maintenance costs that you will incur. While it is one of the least expensive regular costs, it is still very important for your car’s engine. Given how important oil is to the operation of your car though, it is one thing that you should not ignore. Your car’s engine is moving much faster than your car is. With thousands of revolutions per minute even at low speeds means that parts need protection from the friction of the moving parts. New oil helps your car’s engine run better by reducing the friction between the moving parts of your engine. This is why the term well-oiled machine works so well. A well-oiled engine run smoother which reduces the impact all those revolutions have on it, meaning your engine will run longer. Over time the oil in your engine can wear out for a lot of reasons.

Why Oil Changes Are So Important:

  1. Removes engine wear particles and sludge– Dirt buildup is not good for engines. It can decrease the life of the engine and cause corrosion. Oil changes and engine checks will keep your engine clean.
  2. Cools engine components– Moving parts that lack lubrication will create more heat, causing your vehicle to overheat.
  3. Improves gas mileage– If you do not get your oil changed, it can lead to increased fuel consumption.
  4. Promotes vehicle longevity– Routine maintenance checks will make your vehicle last longer and stay clean. Buildups will make your engine work harder than it should and cause issues.
  5. Maintains engine lubrication– All moving parts under the hood of the car are consistently moving at high rates. The movement creates heat, which will slow the engine down with time if the oil is not changed properly.


Oil Changes Over Time

All things break down over time, and engine oil is no exception. Conventional motor oil is made up of petroleum hydrocarbons, which are organic, but conventional oil is still toxic to drink. Like most organic substances they degrade over time. This means that even though you might think it will last a lifetime, it has a shelf life. Motor oil older than 3 years should never be used inside an engine. Synthetic motor oil can still go bad after a few years. The manufactured components of the oil can separate and break down meaning your engine will not have the protection it needs to avoid excessive wear. Though 3 years is in a sealed container when exposed to air and other elements the oil can break down faster, especially when heat and pressure are involved.

When To Change Your Oil Filter Lombard

You should change your oil filter every time you get your oil changed. Changing the filter helps keep your oil cleaner longer.

Auto Clinic Lombard

Finding the time for an oil change may be difficult, but finding a quality auto clinic is easy with us! AAC Auto Clinic in Addison is just a phone call away, and we can work with you to find a time that works for you. Our experienced technicians can also give you options for the different types of oils that you can use in your car. Conventional, Full Synthetic, or Blend all have their advantages and disadvantages, and some are better for your car based on age. It is never a good idea to wait to get your oil changed. Waiting will only cause your vehicle more harm and bigger problems in the future. Call our professionals today!


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